Wintego develops cyber intelligence solutions for authorized government agencies for extracting secured data and chats from mobile phones of targets.

The data extracted by our solutions includes messages, photos and other content from chat apps and instant messaging (IM) apps.

Additional data such as SMS messages, calls, email accounts, social-network profiles, detailed contact lists, calendar events, photos, real-time locations, and more can be extracted.

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*** Wintego’s solutions may only be used by authorized government agencies and law enforcement organizations. Contact requests regarding private and commercial use will not be answered. Thank you for your understanding.

Wintego: Your long-term Cyber Intelligence Partner

Wintego develops advanced communication, cyber intelligence, and data extraction solutions for the government and homeland security sectors.

Our solutions are designed to overcome various operational challenges and enable field agents to access and collect secured target data in complex scenarios.

Data extraction from instant messaging apps.