Wintego Emergency Response Team

As Wintego’s products are designed to help authorized government organizations prevent and investigate criminal and terrorist activity, and to help save lives and maintain public safety and security, Wintego has set up an emergency response team, dedicated to help authorized government offices during an immediate emergency / crisis situation in utilizing the technology, capabilities and products of Wintego, free of charge.

In order to qualify for assistance from our team, an incident or situation must meet the following criteria:

  1. The applying organization must be a licensed government organization in compliance with applicable export control regulations.
  2. The applying organization must be applying to receive assistance within its legal jurisdiction.
  3. The applying organization has not already purchased and deployed solutions/products of Wintego.
  4. The applying organization has not received in the past any assistance of the Wintego Emergency Response Team.
  5. The use of Wintego’s products and solutions is required solely to prevent intermittent/anticipated terrorist attacks which might risk the lives of civilians and is strictly not intended for operations against other countries or jurisdictions or for violating any human-rights.
  6. If qualified, Wintego shall provide the required products following a concise one-day training session to the applying organization’s personnel, for the period of the emergency situation but for no more than seven calendar days from the date of training .
  7. The applying organization must allocate sufficient qualified personnel to receive a brief training of the products and must operate the products on their own authority and by their own personnel during the term of the product loan.
  8. The applying organization will execute any document required by Wintego for compliance with Wintego’s criteria and for receipt of the Wintego products and/or solutions.

The above criteria are pre-requisite conditions for the Wintego Emergency Response assistance. Any application for such assistance shall be considered by Wintego, and provision of the requested assistance or any part thereof will remain in the sole and exclusive judgement and discretion of Wintego. Wintego will not be required to provide any reasoning for its decision to provide or deny any request for the Emergency Response assistance.

Wintego will be entitled to change the criteria for receipt of the Emergency Response assistance at any time at its sole discretion and without being required to give notice of such changes.


Corporate Code of Ethics

Wintego’s products are designed to help authorized government organizations investigate and prevent criminal and terrorist activity, to help save lives and maintain public safety and security.

Wintego develops and sells its solutions exclusively for operation by authorized governmental end-users, which are allowed by Wintego to use the products in their legal jurisdiction only for crime and terror investigation and prevention, and to avoid the violation of human rights. Wintego is not involved in any way in operating its products and solutions and/or providing operational services for its customers, or any other entity or individual.

Compliance with Applicable Export Regulations
Wintego supplies its export controlled products and solutions strictly to qualified and licensed governmental organizations through their duly authorized representatives. Wintego fully complies with applicable export restrictions and regulations. Such regulations may include (i) limitations on allowed product functionality; (ii) limitations on maximum allowed sizing, technical or physical aspects of the products; or (iii) limitations on countries to which sale or export of the products is allowed (in whole or in part).

In addition, the governmental organizations that are end-users of the Wintego products or solutions undertake to use the products and solutions solely in accordance with applicable export control laws and regulations.

No Sale to Countries in the EU Sanctions List
Wintego undertakes not to sell any controlled products or services to countries in the EU sanctions list, as specified here: (countries to which an active embargo of dual use items apply). This undertaking is made by Wintego indulgently, even though these sanctions do not legally apply to Wintego. 

Confidentiality of Non-Public Information
Wintego maintains the confidentiality of non-public information and employs standard measures of reasonable care to ensure the non-discloser or dissemination of such information without proper authorization.

Workplace Ethics
We at Wintego believe diversity in the workplace drives our creativity and innovation. We do not discriminate our employees, business partners and other stakeholders based on their race, color, age, religion, cultural background, ethnic or sexual orientation. All personnel decisions (hiring, promotion, training, compensation and so on) are based solely on merit, qualifications and skills without regard to any personal characteristic.

Wintego does not tolerate any type of harassment (sexual or non-sexual) of its employees by any person, including co-workers, supervisors, clients, business partners or any other stakeholder.

Zero Tolerance to Bribery and Corruption
Wintego has a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption and bribery. Wintego shall never give, solicit or accept any bribes to get business done. Therefore, the company follows the general provisions of the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions, and operate thereunder. According to these, Wintego’s employees and representatives are strictly prohibited from giving, offering, promising or authorizing anything of value to any government official or agency, or any other individual, in order to corruptly secure a business transaction or other advantages.


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Please note: Wintego’s solutions may only be used by authorized government agencies and law enforcement organizations. Contact requests regarding private and commercial use will not be answered. Thank you for your understanding.